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KDD Cup 2010
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The KDD Cup is the annual Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery competition in which some of the best data mining teams in the world compete to solve an practical data mining problem of some importance.

This year's challenge
How generally or narrowly do students learn? How quickly or slowly? Will the rate of improvement vary between students? What does it mean for one problem to be similar to another? It might depend on whether the knowledge required for one problem is the same as the knowledge required for another. But is it possible to infer the knowledge requirements of problems directly from student performance data, without human analysis of the tasks? This year's challenge asks you to predict student performance on mathematical problems from logs of student interaction with Intelligent Tutoring Systems. This task presents interesting technical challenges, has practical importance, and is scientifically interesting. Read more
Task description
At the start of the competition, we will provide 5 data sets: 3 development data sets and 2 challenge data sets. Each of the data sets will be divided into a training portion and a test portion. Student performance labels will be withheld for the test portion of the challenge data sets but available for the development data sets. The competition task will be to develop a learning model based on the challenge and/or development data sets, use this algorithm to learn from the training portion of the challenge data sets, and then accurately predict student performance in the test sections. At the end of the competition, the actual winner will be determined based on their model's performance on an unseen portion of the challenge test sets. We will only evaluate each team's last submission of the challenge sets. Read more
Important Dates
  • March 15 - Call for participation
  • April 1 - Competition begins
  • June 8 - Competition ends
How to participate
Contact the KDD Cup Chairs at:

Go to the official KDDCup 2010 Competition website for more information.

KDD Cup 2010 - Call for Proposals (Expired)
We invite proposals for the KDD Cup 2010 competition. KDD Cup is the well-known data mining competition of the annual ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD). The KDD-2010 conference will be held in Washington, DC, USA, July 25-28 2010. One proposal will be selected for the 2010 competition, and one member of the organizing team will be invited to be the second KDD Cup 2010 co-chair.
Proposals should include a short paragraph on each of the following items:
  1. Description of the problem addressed, with general background information on the application domain.
  2. Description of the available data, guarantee of availability, guarantee of confidentiality of the "ground truth", and size.
  3. Description of the competition tasks, their scientific and technical merit and their practical significance.
  4. Description of the evaluation procedures and established baselines (provide evidence that non-trivial performance can be achieved, and an estimate of what constitutes a significant difference in performance).
  5. List of the available resources (team member availability, computers, support staff, other equipment, sponsors).
  6. Schedule. The competition should last between 6 and 8 weeks and the winners should be notified by mid-June. The winners will be announced in the KDD-2010 conference.
  7. Names, affiliations, postal addresses, phone numbers, and short biographies of the organizers.
  8. Whether the competition is new or has been held before.
  9. Whether you will award prizes of any form to winning teams.
A good competition task is one that is practically useful, scientifically or technically challenging, can be done without extensive application domain knowledge, and can be evaluated objectively. Of particular interests are non-traditional tasks that may need novel techniques and solutions.
Please send your proposals to the KDD Cup Chair, Alexandru Niculescu-Mizil, by November 15, 2009.
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